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When Hugh Tracey (1903-1977) made 35,000 field recordings across Sub-Saharan Africa between the 1920s & 1970s, his intention was to reveal the beauty and complexity of the music to a world that saw little value in it.

Today, almost 90 years later, Tracey’s bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations’ lives on. Beating Heart has connected the archive at the International Library of African Music (ILAM) with contemporary producers, making fresh sounds for a modern audience.

Building on Tracey’s vision, the income generated will be used to assist people in the areas where the music was originally recorded.

The first instalment in the series, 'Beating Heart - Malawi' is out now. LISTEN

Beating Heart Malawi
65 years in the making

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  • Afriquoi
  • Applebottom & Petar Rabbit
  • Clap! Clap!
  • Drew Moyo
  • Ibibio Sound Machine
  • Jimi Needles
  • Kidnap Kid
  • Lack of Afro
  • Lancelot
  • Luke Vibert
  • Machinedrum
  • M.A.X
  • My Nu Leng
  • Phil Moffa
  • Rudimental
  • Sonye
  • Throwing Shade
  • Tru Fonix
  • Ulterior Motive
  • With You.
  • WxT

Garden to Mouth

Building food gardens at schools in Malawi

The El Niño phenomenon has caused droughts across Sub-Saharan Africa, crops are down and food is scarce. At Mkunkhu School near Llilongwe, Malawi, the daily attendance has drastically dropped from 600 to 300 because the children are so hungry and malnourished.

Beating Heart are supporting the Love Support Unite Foundation in rolling out the 'Garden to Mouth' (G2M) food initiative that will introduce nutrition to the school syllabus through the use of an "outside classroom" - linking garden, food, nutrition and education. We are asking for your help to implement G2M at Mkunkhu and other associated schools in Malawi.

The G2M food initiative will:

  • Sustainably feed students that attend the schools through organic irrigated gardens.

  • Educate students with practical knowledge giving them the tools to be in charge of their own food security.

  • Generate income, through sales of crops at local markets, that will be re-invested back into expanding the Gardens.

The focus of the initiative is longevity. The combination of climate smart, organic agriculture, education and income generation will ensure that students are food secure not just today but for the future.

On top of the money Beating Heart raises from album and merchandise sales, people have chosen to donate anything from the cost of soybean seeds or gardening tools to a water tower or borehole. For more info on G2M please download the Garden To Mouth PDF.

Beating Heart - Garden To Mouth video
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Beating Heart - South Africa

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